Proficient Moving Checklist by Strong Move Melbourne

Strong Move Melbourne knows how a proper relocation is done. Preparation is key! One of most important thing for you is to follow a simple plan or in other words checklist. We will provide with one. It is easy to follow the guide and be a stress-free new home owner. Below you can see the main points and priorities. Please, have a look at them in order of importance prior the final day.

  • Get a ‘change of address’ kit to notify financial organizations, insurance companies, cancer local subscriptions, etc.
  • Gather all your important documentation such as passports, birth certificates, licenses, insurance papers, records, etc.
  • Prepare yourself by buying some moving supplies, (or simply learn more about our packaging services in Melbourne) small/medium, large boxes, paper, cartons, PVC tape, markets, plastic bags, etc.
  • Arrange the documentation at your new home. Also look for the local authority centers and important facilities, school arrangements, change your post subscriptions. Coverage of your new home.
  • As an option, you can order our end of tenancy cleaning. Furthermore, you can prepare your house by removing of the furniture and organise the rooms.
  • Have a look at what you can get with your car. Travel arrangements for your pets, if any. Remove all the food from the freeze.

The above-mentioned checklist content is not mandatory, but it is a nice way of making you less stressed and prepared for the day. Thank you for your time and wait for our removals.

How Strong Move Removals will Help You

To a large extent that's up to you! The more complex the move the more we can help, however - take advantage of our end of lease cleaning to free up your time to focus on your new home, or when you can't move straight from one premises to another ask us about our storage and packing solutions. We offer discounts on multiple service bookings so the more you hand over to Strong Move, the more you'll save!

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