FAQ Page

Are your removal teams fully insured in case of an accident or emergency?

Yes, they are. The removals that we send have full insurance. You do not have to worry about that. Please, take a note that the relocation process itself is covered by an insurance on your own. You have to carefully check the papers and get a good insurance policy.

Do I have to cover the parking lot fee?

Strong Move Melbourne trust all our customers that they would be kind enough to take care of it. Due to the infrastructure and the unknown parking rules/fees, we cannot do it ourselves. Most of the times we are not allowed to pass or enter the zone/complex/office building.

My Removal team is late. What is happening?

The time frame set by our deal makers is always provisional. We define it by having in mind several factors such as location, traffic, important cargo, etc. It may vary due to unexpected behaviour which we simply cannot control. We would be very happy to provide all our clients with a precise time and you can be certain that we do everything in our power to maintain such standards. Strong Move Melbourne hope that you will be patient and therefore stay calm.

Is it mandatory to have someone on site waiting for the removal teams?

Yes, it is. We would very much like to have a person available on both sites. Providing assistance and guidelines. The whole process will be done much easier and faster. Secondly, you will have the chance to further notice the process.

Do I have to be worry about my home/office location?

Of course, Not. The removal teams are a local Google map masters so there is no need to worry about your location. Quick guidelines and exact address are more than enough to find you anywhere in Melbourne.

Does the final price cover all of the accommodations such as boxes, bags, etc.?

No, it does not. The packaging service is additionally offered by Strong Move Melbourne. On the other hand, all of the tools and materials have fixed price rates which you can discuss with our customer agents.

Does Strong Move Melbourne offer help with dismantling and re-assembling of sizable upholstery/ household furniture?

Of course, we are. You can count on our experts. We will help you to dismantle and re-assemble the required piece of furniture. Furthermore, we will do it for free.

What are the possible Payment options?

There is almost no limit to the accepted payment options. You can use cash, credit/debit card, bank transfer for corporate clients or sizable services, PayPal and much more. Feel free to ask our friendly agents on the phone.

Are you available before/after working hours?

Yes, we are. We do not desire our customers to get a day off in order to use our services. Please, note that after working hours are additionally charged. The prices start from 5$. You will receive custom information depending on your desired time frame.